Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hey's some more news...I have been working at CCSi, where I'm taking reservations for taxis for california (long beach area), charlotte, and nashville areas. I work there 4 days a week at night when the girls are sleeping. I like it, it's fun, i get to talk to a lot of fun people. Jovie is talking a whole lot more!! Myriam has since then tested for her yellow belt in karate, and is now a yellow belt!!! go myriam!!!

Here's some more pictures for everybody!

Myriam at karate testing

Myriam at karate testing too

Big Miriam and Little Myriam

Jovie in her halloween costume

Myriam in her halloween costume

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Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

Your girls are so cute, love the costumes! Sorry I haven't called lately we have been having some family problems and Sydney keeps getting sick, needless to say I am in dire need of a break! Good thing Thanksgiving is here, hope it is a good one for you!