Friday, April 4, 2008


Myriam has been begging Jeremy to let her get her ears pierced for oh, about 6 months now, and everytime she asks he says no...well yesterday he said yes! So off we went to Claire's before daddy could change his mind. While we were there both, yes BOTH, Myriam and Jovie got their ears pierced. When Myriam had run over to our friend (we were eating lunch at Mongolian BBQ) screaming "DADDY SAID I CAN GET MY EARS PIERCED" after that she commenced on telling us that she wanted pink stones with gold. Being the mom, I was freaking out thinking they would cry for like 1 hour after it was all done. Well, man did my kids show me that they can be very brave. Jovie cried for like a minute in between each ear, but she stopped crying the instant the lady gave her a sucker. Myriam kept saying she would be brave from the beginning, because Jeremy did tell her it would hurt, and she was VERY good about it. She just whimpered a bit when they did her first ear, but was very good about it! SO THANKS GIRLS FOR PROVING MOMMY WRONG!!!

Myriam with her pink earrings!

Jovie with her white sparkly earrings