Saturday, September 29, 2007

Portuguese, friends, and games

Yes, all, I know. I don't speak portuguese, or at least fluenty. But through one of our friends, who happens to work with Jeremy, I have met an amazing Brazilian girl, named Paloma. Paloma is engaged to Jason, the guy who works with Jeremy. Paloma and I have become good friends very fast, although, poor Jason, gets stuck in between us sometimes, and has to translate for us. Especially when Paloma's friend Regina, gets in on the conversation. But tonight, Paloma asked me if I would come to her sealing. Let me tell you I am very honored to be invited, but, alas, I need to get my recommend renewed. So therefore I have a renewed sense of determination, to get working on the tithing issue. She really wants me there, and I am happy to go, but I need to get things straight first. But I have some time, because, since she lives in Brazil, Jason has to get her a fiance visa, which will take at least 4 to 6 months. So I have time...but anyways, last night (and tonight) both Thomas and Jason came over (last night so did Pete) and we played games. It was soo fun. Last night Pete brought over a Donkey Kong game with the bongos, and we played, man did we laugh so hard. It was fun. Then tonight we played risk. The game nights can only get better from here on out. It will be fun to get to know Jason better, and to become better friends, and to be able to have some adult communication instead of little kid conversations. But anyways here's a picture of Paloma and Jason, so you all know who I'm talking about.

My amigo american (jason) and my amiga brasilian (paloma) ;-)

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