Friday, January 4, 2008

New Fam Pictures

Hey all...we just got some family pictures taken at the beginning of December so here are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them.

This one is when Myriam found a little piece of hay from a previous shooting and Jovie is very intently watching Myriam pick it cute

Jeremy, Stephanie, Jovie, Myriam

My little Jovie-beaner

My baby, who just turned 2 years old, where has the time gone

Myriam, so cute....

gotta love this like Myriam


Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

Hey Stephanie love the pictures you have such a cute little family!! That one of Myriam cheesen' it is adorable! The Templates that I use on my blog is I don't LOVE her templates but they are cute and fun and different than the other ones so that is what I use! Hope everything is going great with you!

apol said...

New word of the day: "hairbands" It is nice to learn a word so easily ;)

Nice pic's, Whitings! I hope we have here four future KDE contributors! ;)

Good night!