Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Alright in this tag I am supposed to say 10 random things about myself, I am not sure If I have 10 random things about myself but I am always up for a challenge so here they are.

#1 I am a taxi dispatcher for Los Angeles and Orange Counties in California, Nashville, TN, Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC.

#2 I hate cleaning, but hate doing the dishes the worst.

#3 I am a full time mom, full time student, and work full time

#4 hmm...I don't have any biological grandparents alive, I have lost them all in the past year

#5 I HATE to fold laundry! I am very good at making sure that our laundry gets washed and put in the dryer, thats the easy part! After that the laundry goes straight into the laundry baskets in our bedroom, and that is were it stays until it is either worn or rewashed because it is to wrinkly!

#6 I have been married for 5 years now

#7 I was in the US Army Reserves for 3 years and some change before getting out for medical reasons (pregnancy)

#8 I am the oldest of 10 kids, including step siblings

#9 I am an avid reader

#10 I am always afraid that I'm not a good enough mom

hmmmm...I'm tagging Aleix (*evil laugh*) and Jeremy


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