Thursday, August 9, 2007

Animals, Animals, and even more Animals

So tonight we went to the fair. Jeremy, Myriam, Jovie, our neighbor, Shaylee, and I. It was a blast. We went and saw the animals, goats, sheepies, horses, and much more!!! It was awesome...we went on tons of rides...ok, not tons like 4. We all went on the carousel, Shaylee and Myriam went on a little kid roller coaster, and then myriam, shaylee, and i went on the spinning gyromaster. it was awesome. We have tons of pictures. Jovie absolutely loved the animals. We even saw llamas!!! Go llamas!!! Jovie also loved the hay maze that they had! It was an adventure all around. It was fun, and it was nice to spend some time as a family. So here go the pictures!!!

Myriam and Shaylee petting the rabbit and chickie.

Shaylee petting the rabbit.

Jovie petting the chickie.


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