Saturday, August 4, 2007

Family Adventure

So we went on a family date tonight to Taco Bell and it ended up at the park so the girls could run around and get all their wiggles out. Here are some pictures of the girls and Jeremy playing at the park.

Jeremy, Myriam, and Jovie playing on the balance beam at the park.

Jovie was enjoying the balance beam A LOT!!!

as you can see she was enjoying it immensely

Daddy went on it with Jovie, and then on it with Myriam...such a good daddy to play on the balance beam with the girls...

Jovie wanted to do it by herself sooo bad!

Jovie fell asleep on Jeremy while I was blogging, and so here is a picture of her.

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Baker Family said...

What a fun day at the park!!! Your girls look like they had a blast and it looks like you wore them out playing...way to go!!! Anyway so guess what I am going to start Babysitting a week earlier then expected I guess I really didn't realize that teachers go back to school a week early! I will be done babysitting around 2:30..(I think!). So we can hang out after that or at my house with all the times! -Caralee