Wednesday, August 1, 2007

update on everything

so myriam has been 3 for about 1 month now. It's hard to believe time has flown by so quickly, the girls are getting so big! Jovie is 1 and a half, and is walking, has a bunch of teeth (after having just one for the longest time), and is starting to say a variety of words. We saw Aunt Tashia (my sister) who flew in from NY to see Grandpa Wilber. It was...umm...enjoyable, due to the conditions, as could be. I'm no longer teaching karate, I quit, and due to the fact that I'm going to be going to school full time this semester, it doesn't leave much time for teaching or anything of that nature. I have decided I want to pursue a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, and am going to take Chemistry 1010 this next semester to see if it is remotely interesting, if it is, then I'm am considering doing the bachelors with a forensic emphasis, which I had contemplated doing while I was younger. So yes, I'm going to have my associates degree in December. I am on track to graduate!!! We hung out with one of our good friends today, Caralee Baker, and her daughter Sydney. It was completely enjoyable! I missed hanging out with her. Her daughter is a joy to see and play with, and has overcome many obstacles. We are planning on going out for lunch tomorrow, and Myriam is excited because she loves to play with Sydney. Myriam is taking karate, and is loving it...when I get pictures of her in her uniform I will post them. They are cute! But anyways gotta go...more next time!

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Baker Family said...

Hey really sorry about the lunch thing but you really don't want your girls getting what sydney has! She had me up all night last night and she was gagging so much that she was barfing every where really bad! At one point she managed to barf on me on her and on the floor(my daughter is so talented!) we'll hand out next week! -caralee p.s. no ear aches!!!